The Name

Team Funding Group's name was inspired by the founder, an advid sports fan, who has coached youth sports all of his adult life.  It encapsulates our philosophy in how we approach individuals whether they need a mortgage or are buying a new home.  It takes a team of people working in concert to win for our clients.

The Company

Team Funding Group utilizes thier long time relationships in the Walnut Creek, Ca area to help clients close their mortgages, home purchases, and home sales quickly.  They utilize local lenders, appraisers, and title companies to make the experience speedy and accurate.  Everybody is on the same team and understands the particulars of the local market place.  They do this whle keeping you the client at the top of their mind while they work for you.

The Owner

Brad Swint has been the owner since 1998 and has overseen the servicing of 1000's of loans and home sales in the San Francisco East Bay and beyond during that time.  In addition to real estate services, he has been highly visible in the community from coaching youth & high school sports, volunteering for community events, and serving on local city gov't committees.  He presently lives in Pleasant Hill Ca with his wife and daughter.




Phone: (925) 627-1400

Address: 150 N. Wiget Ste. 204 Walnut Creek CA 94598